Did You Know?

  • More than 75% of people do not have a complete plan that considers all the elements for truly ageing well
  • More than 50% of people don’t have a plan at all
  • Those without a plan aren’t aware of the implications of not having one....until it's often too late

What We Do

The concept of Successful Ageing or "ageing well" is not a new one.  In fact, it was captured in the early 1950's and was conveyed as a balance between Cognitive Functioning, Social Interaction and Physical & Mental Health.  The concept continued with "quiet" headlines over the years, but never seemed to resonate with many for a few key reasons:  it didn't convey how one should go about achieving that balance, or what the components meant to the individual.

The Hepworth & Associates "Ageing Well Model" is comprised of four elements which capture those intended many years ago, but adding in those critical considerations of housing, legal, and financial needs.  Our model forms the core of the process on which we take our clients to establish a truly balanced, complete, and often exciting set of plans for their personal definition of Ageing Well.

Our approach with clients is one of flexibility as we bring our combined skills of consultant, advocate, coach and confidant.  Everything begins with a No-Cost Consultation with you and/or your Family to discuss your needs, wishes and desires for "ageing well".  From there, we have a number of ways we support our clients: 

  • For clients needing specific advisory or advocacy services, a conventional hourly basis for is typically applied. 
  • For clients looking for more structured successful ageing planning, we offer a seminars occasionally, where attendees can learn useful tips and insights while they develop their own plans. 
  • And for those wishing a more comprehensive and completely personalized roadmap, we offer our Ageing Well Program.

Bottom Line.....We Know

What You Need To Know!

  • In identifying retirement home and assisted living options
  • Working with your local LHIN
  • Developing an Advance Care Plan
  • Identifying dementia support services
  • Helping you dialogue with your family about your wishes and plans
  • Advocating for health care services
  • Selecting long term care options
  • Costing out various care options
  • Ensuring you or your loved one has a plan to Age Well!
  • ​Linking you to professional advisors

Our Ageing Well Program is comprised of our proprietary series of structured work sessions which occur over a period of seven weeks.  During these sessions, you are invited to bring along those family members and partners who have a vested interested in your and your plans, so that they can be well informed of your choices, and so that they can get as excited about your plan as you are.  

During these sessions, we use a number of tools which include current teachings, targeted readings, site tours, as well as your own personal Ageing Well WorkBook which guides our process and provides you with a great place to jot down notes, thoughts, questions and goals.

Come See Us!!

Hepworth & Associates is an elder life planning consultancy providing services to those wishing to engage their own vision of "ageing well" with a comprehensive plan.  Those considering the elements of elder years are confronted with a litany of subjects to navigate that include life, seniors, planning, retirement, lifestyle, health, housing, wills, power of attorney, advance care directives, help, navigating, care, advocacy, personal needs, assistance, support, dementia, care, independent living, caregivers, home care, aging, ageing, mobility, modifications, personal, savings, RRSP’s, geriatrics, prescriptions, doctor, physicians and many more terms and consideration.  Through Hepworth’s proprietary approach and methodology, our clients and their families are provided with the peace of mind and comfort from their personalized, proactive plan for ageing well