"Tips for Navigating the Healthcare System" Presentation

The Hepworth & Associates conducts regular seminars as well as many speaking engagements for local organizations and community events.  Gary's ever popular "Tips for Navigating the Healthcare System" presentation continues to be both enjoyable and very informative for those entering their senior years as well as those families wishing to be as supportive as they can for their parents and loved ones.  Based on the success of that presentation, we've introduced a more comprehensive planning seminar called "Creating Your Path To Ageing Well"  for those looking to a more formalized plan for themselves and their families.  We've captured these events below for your convenience and so you can make arrangements and bookings well in advance

Hepworth & Associates is an elder life planning consultancy providing services to those wishing to engage their own vision of "ageing well" with a comprehensive plan.  Those considering the elements of elder years are confronted with a litany of subjects to navigate that include life, seniors, planning, retirement, lifestyle, health, housing, wills, power of attorney, advance care directives, help, navigating, care, advocacy, personal needs, assistance, support, dementia, care, independent living, caregivers, home care, aging, ageing, mobility, modifications, personal, savings, RRSP’s, geriatrics, prescriptions, doctor, physicians and many more terms and consideration.  Through Hepworth’s proprietary approach and methodology, our clients and their families are provided with the peace of mind and comfort from their personalized, proactive plan for ageing well

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The Hepworth & Associates seminar  "Advance Care Planning" is now being offered on regular basis at various locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area. 

These sessions are wonderfully informative, and provide attendees with a good sense of the options, considerations and cautions as they develop plans for their future care.

​If your church, community group or club wishes to organize a presentation please give us a call.

"Advance Care Planning" Seminar

Trying to understand how to access services, who to call, what to expect, and how the whole picture can make sense?  It can be quite intimidating  when you need help from our health system, especially if you're not a regular "customer" of it.

Gary's "Tips for Navigating the Healthcare System" presentation has been acclaimed by hundreds of pre-seniors, seniors and their families and provided that clear perspective and comfort we're all looking for.  Many of these events are at no or low-cost and a terrific value to all that attend.

Please call (416) 399 - 2673 for details and how to get yourself a seat!

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