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Whether you're just beginning your path to ageing well, well down-the-road or helping someone with their own path, the trip can be overwhelming, intimidating and just plain hard to get started.  We know what that's like so we've put together several resources here,that you may find helpful, no matter what stage you're at in your journey.

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Wondering how to get started on your Elder Plan?  We've just produced this very informative video entitled, Where do i even Start? for those beginning to realize that your path to ageing well can be a lot more stress-free and enjoyable with a plan.....your Elder Plan!

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The Hepworth Source is our regular blog sharing of our thinking on the subject of Ageing Well and a closer look at our approach taken in the way we work with our clients. 

As Ageing Well is best as a personal interpretation, we hope through our sharing here, that it causes the reader to begin defining their own views and to begin their planning of the journey as soon as possible. 

Hepworth & Associates is an elder life planning consultancy providing services to those wishing to engage their own vision of "ageing well" with a comprehensive plan.  Those considering the elements of elder years are confronted with a litany of subjects to navigate that include life, seniors, planning, retirement, lifestyle, health, housing, wills, power of attorney, advance care directives, help, navigating, care, advocacy, personal needs, assistance, support, dementia, care, independent living, caregivers, home care, aging, ageing, mobility, modifications, personal, savings, RRSP’s, geriatrics, prescriptions, doctor, physicians and many more terms and consideration.  Through Hepworth’s proprietary approach and methodology, our clients and their families are provided with the peace of mind and comfort from their personalized, proactive plan for ageing well

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