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Hepworth & Associates

We are a professional advisory/advocacy service for seniors and their families who desire immediate guidance, personal advocacy, ongoing support as well as personalized strategies and plans for aging well.

If you or your senior loved ones are wrestling with an immediate crisis, seeking advice on “getting ahead” of a situation or developing future plans so that life can be managed more by yourself, rather than circumstances ….we’re here to help!

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 “When my husband went into the hospital recently, I was overwhelmed by the situation and trying to navigate today's health system is just too much for me.  We're so glad we called Hepworth & Associates as they did the navigating for us and made sure we didn't get lost in the shuffle.  I don't know what we would have done without them! ” 

Karen Yan - Toronto

Situations when an Personal Advisor & Advocate can be invaluable to you and your family

Personal Advisor & Advocate

Sometimes you can’t do it all by yourself.  It’s frustrating to admit, but there are times when you can’t be there or speak for yourself when situations arise, and having an experienced voice there on your behalf could make all the difference especially about the healthcare system.

Whether as your personal advocate or your personal advisor, we’re there to protect and advance your interests, both as a senior and as a family member who cares for you.  At moments like this….it’s all about you!

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Inclusions for Personal Advocacy

Upon becoming a client of Hepworth & Associates, the “personal” component of Personal Advocacy begins, with your own, dedicated Senior Advisor.  Your advisor will listen to you, your situation and provide counsel, advice, options and considerations that are current, thoughtful, practical, doable and most of all, personal.  Your urgency is our urgency.

Much of our advisory and advocacy work is “communications”.  Communicating with your family, healthcare professionals, other service providers and professionals and of course, you!

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Services for Personal Advocacy

In times of crisis, it’s difficult to know what you need and for how long you’re going to need it.  At times like this, cost shouldn’t be top of your mind, but it’s a consideration nonetheless.  That’s why we suggest you give us a call, and take comfort in a free consultation so that we can assist with your immediate concerns and then provide you with how we might best serve you.  In some circumstances, your needs may only be brief, and it some circumstances, you’ll want us for a longer period until your situation is fully resolved.   In either case, we’re available.

  • Being ignored in emergency room or being rushed out of your hospital bed
  • Dealing with today’s healthcare system (LHIN's, etc.)
  • Helping your mom or dad through a crisis event
  • Recognizing your caregiver burnout symptoms
  • Dealing with family issues and challenges…..the do’s and don’t do’s
  • Starting the “conversation” with your parents or your children
  • Managing key legal documents and decision maker selections
  • Learning to live alone again
  • Selecting a home care provider and how to manage them
  • Elder abuse in hospital or nursing homes
  • Speaking and advocating for you or your loved one, when they can’t
  • And many, many more.......