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Lola Macanowicz - Financial Professional

Lola Macanowicz is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), a Certified Insurance Professional (CIP), a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), and a Certified Health Specialist (CHS).  Lola is also extremely active in her community, especially as a veteran member of the board of directors for the Village of Islington BIA, Lola's leadership helped establish Toronto’s Village of Murals.

Hepworth & Associates Board of Advisors

Staying ahead of the rapid changes today in the legal, financial, health, housing and lifestyle components of ageing well, is quite a challenge....but that's exactly what our clients expect us to possess when we're helping them navigate their path.

To do this, we rely upon a distinguished Board of Advisors, that Hepworth & Associates has assembled.  Each Board member was selected for their depth of skill, professional credentials and more specifically, their experience with those issues and opportunities that many seniors, pre-seniors and their families are often not aware of.

We are currently in discussions with additional Advisors, which we will be posting shortly.

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Her experience with estate law, and those seniors issues of special assets, disabled dependents, and complicated family situations are involved is invaluable, as well as the many unintended consequences that families and dependents often confront, without thoughtful future planning.  That "invaluable" experience makes her and outstanding member of our Advisory Board.

Her credentials and experience with Seniors and Pre-Seniors in planning their future years has highlighted what we see often, a lack of financial planning for the future and an exposure to some uncomfortable surprises if not dealt with.  Her addition to our Advisory Board has provided remarkable insight and thought to our core Ageing Well Model.

Hepworth & Associates

We are a professional advisory/advocacy service for seniors and their families who desire immediate guidance, personal advocacy, ongoing support as well as personalized strategies and plans for aging well.

If you or your senior loved ones are wrestling with an immediate crisis, seeking advice on “getting ahead” of a situation or developing future plans so that life can be managed more by yourself, rather than circumstances ….we’re here to help!

James Ellis - Special Advisor to the Board

James Ellis is a senior consulting executive specializing in Transformation Strategy & Tactics, Business Process Optimization, Operations Management, Leadership Coaching, and Culture Change.  His firm, AdvanceStates Inc.,helps progressive organizations move their ideas and capabilities forward into successful, advanced states.

Christine Woodman - Housing Professional

Christine Woodman is a seasoned Real Estate professional, who has been both counsel and service provider to mature clients since the 1970's, and has developed a wealth of experience with the unique needs of this group.  Seniors and Pre-Seniors have serious concerns and numerous questions, regarding the sometimes difficult decision of when, to where, and how to relocate or remodel.  As an Accredited Senior Agent (ASA), she routinely deals with questions 

With particular experience developed over the past five years, relating to seniors and pre-seniors, as well as those organizations that support these groups in healthcare, home care, family support and education, it made Jim an ideal advisor to our Board.

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Cynthia Woods - Legal Professional

Cynthia Woods is a Toronto lawyer practicing in the west end. Since starting her practice in 1994, she has been offering legal services primarily in the areas of wills and estates, real estate and small business law. She offers services relating to sales, purchase and mortgage refinancing of residential property as well as commercial transactions including leasing.

and all of the options.  Whether de-cluttering, moving closer to children and grandchildren, renting versus buying, the affordability and sensibility of any kind of move - shes been there and in between.  As a recently Accredited Senior Agent (ASA) and after 40+ years of successfully listing and selling real estate in the GTA, her experience with mature clients, and their serious concerns and questions, regarding those sometimes difficult decision of when, to where, and how to deal with housing decisions, makes her an ideal advisor to our Board.