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Gary Hepworth - A Brief Bio

  • 30 years in the "people" business
  • Certified Elder Planning Counselor (EPC)
  • Certified Cognitive Coach
  • Founding Chair of CARP Etobicoke
  • Lecturer for the popular "Navigating the Healthcare System" seminars
  • ​​​Recipient of many community service awards

Hepworth & Associates was created to address an increasing problem that we constantly hear from our clients, and at our many speaking engagements….that most people over the age of 65 have done little, if any, advance care planning for their senior years, beyond a financial nest egg that they hope lasts long enough.  And those under age 65 have planned even less.

We continue to see people in their senior years, and their families, trying to deal with health issues, housing issues, legal issues and other life issues at those frantic times when a crisis has erupted, which are the worst times to be dealing with them and when families are often tested to their emotional limits, and when a thoughtful plan would have made all the difference.  And the environs have changed significantly as well.

In the past, we could rely on a predictable healthcare system, available long-term care facilities, a good economy, healthy pension plans, robust savings, and families lived near each other for support…. but much of that has changed.  While seniors will continue to be the minority, they will grow from 15% to 25% of the population in the next twenty years, stretching those prior environments to their limits.  And while Government will be there for basic health care needs, these already stretched budgets will be up against this ageing population, with fewer “working age” taxpayers.

So, having a plan for your senior future just makes pure, good sense, for you and those that you truly care about.

We are an advisory/advocacy service, for those looking for a personalized path forward for themselves or their parents towards, what we call, “ageing well”.  We are about helping people create strategies and plans for their future as a senior, to be well prepared for potential crises, and to develop additional plans for the more exciting aspects of their lives, with true peace of mind.

It’s no longer good enough to just “hope for the best”, one needs to “plan for the challenges”, and that’s what we’re all about…..helping you navigate the path to ageing well.

I understand the complexities that seniors and pre-seniors face in planning for their later years....and why a lot of people just don't, until it's during a crisis when everyone is at their emotional limits.  We are all living longer, but how do we successfully maintain our quality of life as we age?  How do we define "ageing well"?

- Gary Hepworth,

Hepworth & Associates is an elder life planning consultancy providing services to those wishing to engage their own vision of "ageing well" with a comprehensive plan.  Those considering the elements of elder years are confronted with a litany of subjects to navigate that include life, seniors, planning, retirement, lifestyle, health, housing, wills, power of attorney, advance care directives, help, navigating, care, advocacy, personal needs, assistance, support, dementia, care, independent living, caregivers, home care, aging, ageing, mobility, modifications, personal, savings, RRSP’s, geriatrics, prescriptions, doctor, physicians and many more terms and consideration.  Through Hepworth’s proprietary approach and methodology, our clients and their families are provided with the peace of mind and comfort from their personalized, proactive plan for ageing well

Ageing with Confidence