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  • 30 years in the "people" business
  • 10 years in the "healthcare and home care" business
  • Certified Elder Planning Counselor (EPC)
  • Certified Cognitive Coach
  • Founding Chair of CARP Etobicoke
  • Lecturer for the popular "Navigating the Healthcare System" seminars
  • Member of multiple organizations serving seniors to include CARP, Osteoporosis Canada and many more
  • Recipient of many community service awards for support to seniors.

About Us

While getting older shouldn’t be a surprise to us, it does tend to sneak up and present us with challenges we’re often not ready for. 

Hepworth & Associates was created after our years of experience in healthcare, home care and many senior support organizations, seeing many in their seniors years and their families, dealing with these challenges under critical circumstances and when rushed decisions aren’t the best decisions.

From our clients, and at our many speaking engagements, we often hear about people over the age of 65 that have done little, if any, advanced planning for their senior years, beyond a financial nest egg that they hope lasts long enough.  And those under age 65 have planned even less.

So, we created the “peace of mind” for seniors and their families by supporting those wrestling with those issues today, and for those looking to take charge of those future senior years with a personalized plan with a trusted and experienced partner.

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And the environs have changed significantly as well.  In the past, we could rely on a predictable healthcare system, available long-term care facilities, a good economy, healthy pension plans, robust savings, and families lived near each other for support…. but much of that has changed.  While seniors will continue to be the minority, they will grow from 15% to 25% of the population in the next twenty years, stretching those prior environments to their limits

While Government will be there for basic health care needs, these already stretched budgets will be up against this ageing population, with fewer “working age” taxpayers.  So, having a plan for your senior future just makes pure, good sense, for you and those that you truly care about…..and having a reliable partner to help with those moments of “surprise” is where we come in....for you!

 Gary Hepworth  EPC

Founder & President of Hepworth & Associates

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Hepworth & Associates

We are a professional advisory/advocacy service for seniors and their families who desire immediate guidance, personal advocacy, ongoing support as well as personalized strategies and plans for aging well.

If you or your senior loved ones are wrestling with an immediate crisis, seeking advice on “getting ahead” of a situation or developing future plans so that life can be managed more by yourself, rather than circumstances ….we’re here to help!

 “We had no idea just how much we didn't know, when it came to planning for our elder years.  We had our finances in order but didn't realize how many other considerations we needed to make for ourselves, but as well for our family.  We have our plans in place now and our family is aware of them.  Thank you Hepworth & Associates ” 

A. Johanssen - North York

More About Us

The “Hepworth Team” is comprised of individuals with experience in health care, home care, personal planning, financial planning, housing options, legal considerations, lifestyle alternatives and the myriad of unique circumstances that seniors must deal with today. 

You can have the comfort of knowing you are dealing with a group that has seen it, done it, learned from it and is ready to support your unique path.

Over the past 30 years, we know what "aging well" is all about, and that's about being prepared for today and tomorrow.   It’s about having a plan for what you want, a plan for surprises, a partner that can advise/advocate for you when surprises occur, and then the ability to get back to enjoying that life with peace of mind for you, as well as your family

We understand the complexities that seniors and pre-seniors face in dealing with planning for their later years....and why a lot of people just don't, until it's during a crisis when everyone is at their emotional limits. We are there to advise and advocate for you when those challenging times arise and helping you plan better so you can successfully maintain your quality of life as you age

- Gary Hepworth

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