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Hepworth & Associates

We are a professional advisory/advocacy service for seniors and their families who desire immediate guidance, personal advocacy, ongoing support as well as personalized strategies and plans for aging well.

If you or your senior loved ones are wrestling with an immediate crisis, seeking advice on “getting ahead” of a situation or developing future plans so that life can be managed more by yourself, rather than circumstances ….we’re here to help!

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“Hepworth & Associates has given us the tools we need to feel confident in any situation. They explained how to go about being prepared for problems in the future, everything from scheduled hospital stays to unexpected ones. We are so much better prepared for an emergency situation as seniors.  Gary has been an excellent advocate for us!” 

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It often starts with a phone call from a friend or neighbour that something has happened to a senior loved one, or you’ve come home to a situation that you’d hoped would never happen, but now it has. You knew it was a possibility, if not a likelihood.  But it’s difficult to think about then, and figured it would be easier to deal with it when it did….at least that’s what you thought…..until now.

But how prepared are you right now?  What would you do?
Who would you call?  What’s your plan?
Hepworth & Associates provides personal advocacy and elder planning services for exactly these situations,

so that you and your family can have that peace of mind to carry on with more enjoyable things in life.…like living It!